The power of digital marketing outsourcing

Findilao is a cloud-based company offering cost-efficient digital marketing outsourcing to small and medium enterprises looking to adopt digital marketing technologies for achieving sustainable turnover growth.

Serving you as a fully equipped external marketing department, we do everything you need to get digital, quickly and efficiently - from initial marketing and competitor research to developing digital marketing strategies, websites, social media and extended digitalisation of operations and workflows.

You can do it all yourself, but you don’t have to! We offer full support to your ambitious business venture in the new global realm deploying modern technologies for online client acquisition, expanding your in-house capacity, competencies and resources. You receive our digital marketing services at a flat monthly subscription fee, depending on your specific needs for maximum cost predictability in the long term.

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Are you having a locally established business looking for opportunities to grow internationally?

Together, we will outperform the competition and enter new markets.

Your advantages
working with Findilao

You are in focus

Our teams serve simultaneously only a few clients, which allows us to get an in-depth understanding of your business, focus on your needs and do an unlimited amount of iterations for optimum execution.


When you hire us as your outsourced digital marketing department, you bear only a fraction of the total cost and operational burden of building a complete team in-house.

VIP experience

We approach your business case individually with attention to your needs and objectives for delivering a tailor-made solution. You are not one of many but a valued partner.

Care-free access to digital marketing expertise

Instead of developing what matters the most – your product or service, you do not spend precious time, money, and energy on recruiting, training, and retaining marketing professionals and can scale up your business much faster.


We allocate our resources according to your projects’ stage and intensity to ensure reasonable availability for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Our company culture

Findilao thrives on synergy and collaboration. In our project-oriented, flat organisational structure, company roles and responsibilities grant employees autonomous task execution and the flexibility to apply their unique skills and expertise in specific client projects.

Each team member has a high level of personal accountability. We enjoy teamwork, discussions, and creative brainstorming sessions because we know that great ideas are born through continuous learning and knowledge sharing. We need no micromanagement – we all do our best at work and have fun together in the process.

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